About Us

About Us

IMG_1049We are Yakamoz & Bulut machinery company which produces high quality of welding electrode and flux drying ovens since 1990 and we are one of the biggest industrial oven manufacturer in Turkey. We proudly serve to welding industry worldwide. Our main goal since we are established is responding different type of drying needs with todays technology.

Its important to comply world standarts for international companies. Drying electrodes and fluxes out of moisture is one of the requirement for welding companies. Also plastic row materials and granules has to be dried before they are processed.

Variety of products need to be dried before processing. Our drying ovens used by most welding, plastic injection , aerospace, construction, oil, nuclear and marine industries. We also can Project any type of oven with our proffesional team depends on drying necessity.

bmt-350-acikWelding manufacturers shall use drying oven in order to comply world standarts. All worksites and construction areas need to have shocking and resting ovens and holder thermoses.

Quality principal is a MUST in today’s World. Therefore mnufacturers and marketers suppose to have enough knowlodge about their industry.

Since 1990 to this day our goal remains the same: to listen to our customers, satisfy them and maintain a flexible manufacturing process to adapt to changing markets

For more information, please contact us at sales@bulutmetal.com or sales@yakamozbulut.com +90 539 232 3920

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